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Mix It Up with a Co-Ed Baby Shower

Posted on November 29, 2017

couple opening baby shower gifts Think the baby shower is just for the mommy-to-be? Think again! These days, we’ve been noticing that more daddys-to-be, as well as other male family members and friends, are attending the entire baby shower as opposed to just showing up as the party is ending to help pack up the car. If you’re in charge of a Landsdale, PA, baby shower with this new and innovative cultural practice, here are a few ideas to keep in mind so you can entertain ALL the guests—not just the females! Baby Daddy on board!

1. Mute the hues

It’s standard to use pastel pinks or blues or even yellows and greens for these showers, but instead use other neutral or bold colors, like plain white or even bright purples or yellows. This will help your male guests feel more welcome and less “out of place.”

2. Let the dad be showered, too

Again, it’s also pretty typical for the future mother to open all the gifts, but this can get a bit snoozy for the dads, so make sure you tell the invitees to bring a gift a bit more dad-friendly, like an ironic onesie or some cool “Daddy and Me” games or gifts.

3. Get outdoors!

As long as weather permits, consider holding the celebration outdoors so the integrated party can play yard games and mingle with each other naturally—instead of everyone sitting in an uncomfortable circle ooh’ing and ahh’ing at each gift.

4. Snap a pic

These days, you probably see photo booths at every party you attend, so why not look into renting one for a few hours? They’re reasonably priced and most often include an ambassador to set up and break down. Plus, this way, you’ll engage all attendees AND they’ll have a souvenir to go home with!

5. When in doubt…

…stock the bar. Granted, mommy-to-be can’t partake, but if she’s okay with alcohol being served, it’s a guaranteed way to keep everyone engaged and in good “spirits.” If you have the time, create a signature cocktail to go with the shower’s theme to ignite giggles.

Dads shouldn’t feel left out of any part of the baby experience, including the shower! When it comes to baby showers in Lansdale, PA, the options to include dad are endless.