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06 May: 3 Musical Themes for Your Retirement Party

Come retirement time, and you and your friends need to get cracking – because it's party time! No matter who is planning this shindig, the first thing to do is book a party space in Lansdale. The second thing to do is set a fun musical theme that truly represents your personality. Not sure how to summarize your work experience with all the gazillions of songs that exist in the world? Check out these tips to pick a musical theme that represents a happy farewell.

02 Dec: Ideas for Your Retirement Party at Our Lansdale PA Event Space

Congratulations! You’re at the end of your illustrious career. It’s time to celebrate! What better venue to mark your retirement than at our Lansdale PA event space? Retirement parties these days have endless options for décor, games, and displays. And, let’s be honest, aside from the celebration, planning is the fun part! Here are some suggestions guaranteed to make your event a hit.