Several champagne glasses raised for a toast at a wedding.

18 May: 5 Tips for Writing the Best Bridesmaid or Groomsman Speech

Being a bridesmaid or groomsman at someone's wedding is an honor and great responsibility. If you need to prepare a speech, get ready to accept your moment with the microphone. Oh, you're not a lover of the spotlight? Not a gifted writer or speaker? You're not alone. Here is a little friendly advice on how to write the perfect speech.
Bridal party aerial photograph captured by a drone

27 Apr: 2019 High-Tech Wedding Trends

Your wedding day is all about perfect moments. But it's also about the memories. Often, this means getting the perfect pictures and keepsakes. Of course, you (or your mom) want the traditional posed pictures and a few great candids on the dance floor. But aerial shots, genuine faces, and capturing even the day's biggest goof-ups can be attained if you spring for a few extra details. Utilize all of the hottest wedding technology trends Philadelphia has to offer!
Photograph of a wedding couple on a table with other decorative memory box items

07 Apr: 4 Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming to say the least. When it comes time to select your photographer, it's important to know what you're getting into. Once you've at least narrowed the venue decision down to a few wedding locations near Philadelphia, start interviewing photographers. There are a few key bits of information you'll want to find out if you want to be satisfied with how your big day was caught on camera.
sidewalk chalk that reads hashtag love one another

16 Mar: How to Create a Wedding Hashtag

There is so much to think about when planning a wedding, it’s little wonder that the two at the center of it all share a propensity for becoming “zillas.” (All that stress can get to even the best of us.) But nowadays, in this tech-savvy world where all things social reign supreme, there’s one detail to work out before you even start to work on the guest list, decor, food, or even finding the ideal wedding venue in Lansdale, PA - The Perfect Wedding Hashtag!
Two hands holding an engagement ring and scrabble letters to spell the word Love.

03 Feb: You’re engaged! Now what?

You said, “Yes!” Now, it’s time to plan. Being engaged is a wonderful time of anticipation and long-awaited dreams fulfilled. To keep the time before your big day focused on your love and out of sight of unnecessary stress simply follow these simple steps. Before you know it you, your dress will be swirling around during your first dance on the floor of your wedding venue near Philadelphia.
cellphone on wedding day

26 Jan: 3 Reasons to have an Unplugged Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are magical celebrations. The bringing together of two people, in love, dedicating their lives to each other. Traditions vary from culture to culture, family to family, but at the end of the day, it’s a day celebrating love. But in our modern, technology-crazed world, there is something that can put a damper on that day: cellphones.
wedding photographer taking a picture of a couple’s interlocking hands

26 Dec: What to Know When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

You have just booked your dream wedding location near Bucks County, PA, at PineCrest Country Club. Now it's time to get your photographer lined up for the big day. There are some key questions you will want to ask the photographers you are considering to capture your big day. Their responses will help you find the best photographer for you.
Indian bride dressed in gold, blue and red hues

17 Dec: What to Wear to an Indian Wedding?

You have just received an invitation to your first Indian wedding and you are super excited. Rightly so! Indian wedding celebrations are amazing multi-day events filled with fantastic tradition, dancing, food, and fashion! Therefore, it is not surprising that the question that immediately pops into your head after cracking open the envelope seal is, “What do I wear?”
Bridal Party flowers in bright oranges

15 Nov: Fun and Fresh Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Wedding planning requires tons of creativity, and if you’re looking for ways to make your special day unique and memorable at one of the many wedding locations near Bucks County, PA, consider these incredibly innovative and creative gifts for your bridal party. Not only will your extra thoughtful efforts be appreciated, but you’ll feel great knowing that your notions came from the heart.