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15 Nov: Fun and Fresh Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Wedding planning requires tons of creativity, and if you’re looking for ways to make your special day unique and memorable at one of the many wedding locations near Bucks County, PA, consider these incredibly innovative and creative gifts for your bridal party. Not only will your extra thoughtful efforts be appreciated, but you’ll feel great knowing that your notions came from the heart.
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23 Oct: 5 Tips for a Flawless Fall Wedding Outdoors

Throwing an outdoor fall wedding offers tremendous natural décor options, including vibrant colors, crisp temperatures, and a cozy, romantic atmosphere. Allow guests to escape the heat from the traditional summer wedding and introduce brilliant fall foliage to celebrate your big day. For a few tips in coordinating outdoor weddings near Bucks County, PA, check out these easy ways to incorporate fall into your big day.
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17 Oct: Booking a Band for Your Wedding

Weddings take TONS of planning and preparation, and of course you want everything to go as planned. If you’ve decided that you want to book a band for your reception and skip the DJ, there are a few things to consider as you start the process.

30 Jul: 5 Hindu Wedding Traditions You Should Know

Weddings are a wondrous occasion; a time of celebration, as two individuals join together in a commitment ceremony where they pledge their lives to each other. While all weddings are beautiful in their own right, regardless of venue or budget, there’s nothing quite like the lavishness typical of the Hindu matrimonial celebration.
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19 Jul: 10 Things Your Officiant Wants to Tell You

Your wedding officiant will no doubt have a ton more experience with MontCo weddings than you, no matter how many times you’ve been married or how many weddings you’ve attended. So, if you’re approaching your own wedding day, here are a few things that officiants have shared for future married couples.

15 Jun: Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Dress Shopping

The ring is on your finger and you are ready to find the perfect wedding day look to match your personality and style. The good news is today’s bride has thrown out many of the rules that brides of days gone by have followed. There are as many choices in dresses to go with the many wedding venues near Bucks County. No need to head to your bridal superstore to find your dress. The alternatives to traditional wedding dress shopping are plentiful and equally as memorable.

07 Jun: Tips for a Cool Summer Wedding

The only thing more popular in the summer than baseball is the beloved summer wedding. Finding the perfect wedding location near Lansdale, PA, for your summer affair can make the big day. It’s easy to understand why this season is the envy of all other wedding dates - the warm air, blue skies, sunshine that doesn’t set until late in the evening. It’s the perfect combination for your perfect day.