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5 Ideas For Hosting An Outdoor Winter Wedding

winter wedding couple

Winter weddings have a unique charm, and PineCrest Country Club is the ideal canvas for creating unforgettable memories. 

Below, we’ll explore some fresh ideas to elevate your outdoor winter wedding experience and provide you with some tips on what your wedding party and guests can wear to look fabulous – and stay warm!

1. Create a Glistening Environment with Frosty Decor

Set the stage for your winter wonderland by adorning the venue with glistening decor. Think silver and blue accents, evoking the magical sparkle of snow. Ice sculptures and twinkling lights can add a touch of enchantment.

2. Snowflake Confetti: A Whimsical Walk Down the Aisle

Transform your walk down the aisle into a magical journey with snowflake confetti. Picture-perfect moments can be captured by your guests and photographer as delicate snowflakes descend, adding a fairy-tale touch to your winter wedding.

3. Nature’s Backdrop: Utilizing PineCrest’s Beautiful Landscape

One of the best parts of an outdoor winter wedding is that it allows you to incorporate the natural beauty of PineCrest’s landscape as your ceremony backdrop. The winter sky and winter-friendly plants along our outdoor settings help enhance the romance of your special day.

And if a few snow flurries should happen to fall during your ceremony, then nature has added an extra special touch to wedding day!

4. Cozy Corners: Comfy Seating and Blanket Stations

Combat the chill by adding plush cushions on the guest chairs. This will not only add to their comfort, it’ll help take the chill out of outdoor chairs. 

You can also provide cozy blankets to your guests. These blankets are not just as practical elements but also serve as charming additions to your winter-themed decor and keepsakes your guests can enjoy every winter. 

5. What to Wear to an Outdoor Winter Wedding 

For the bride, winter calls for luxurious textures. Consider a velvet gown adorned with intricate lace. Don’t forget a faux fur stole or cape for that extra touch of warmth and sophistication.

Grooms can embrace winter style with layered looks. A classic suit paired with a wool overcoat not only exudes elegance but also ensures warmth during the outdoor ceremony.

In your wedding invitation, include some helpful tips on what guests should wear to an outdoor winter wedding to stay warm and comfortable. Encourage layered outfits, suggesting stylish coats and accessories like hats, scarves and gloves to stay toasty while celebrating your special day.

Create Outdoor Winter Wedding Memories at PineCrest

An outdoor winter wedding at PineCrest Country Club offers a canvas for creating magical moments. From enchanting decor to thoughtful attire choices, embrace the season’s charm. Let your love story unfold against a backdrop of nature’s beauty and the warmth of shared joy.

To schedule a tour of our grounds or to learn more about how we can host your outdoor winter wedding, contact our event planning specialists today!