Maternity photo of woman in a red dress

07 Jun: 5 Tips for Planning Your Maternity Photos

Babies bring a ton of excitement with them, even before they're born. Nothing seems to get people more excited than the pending arrival of a baby! Between getting the nursery set up, getting ready for your own baby shower, and feeling increasingly pregnant, it's easy to forget just how beautiful you are! Check out these tips for planning your maternity photos.
plate of custom scented soaps wrapped for party favors

16 Jan: Party Favors Your Guests Will Keep

After a spectacularly wonderful time at a close friend’s party — a formal occasion, not just a random get together — a good host or hostess will leave some sort of trinket for you and other guests to take home as a memento. But let’s be honest, most times we find ourselves in a bit of quandary: The memento, sweet as the notion may be, is not usually something we need or particularly want to keep. But to just toss it is a bit … insensitive. So we hold onto these tchotchkes just in case.

22 Jun: Should You Have a Gender Reveal Party?

So, you have found out that a baby is on its way. Congratulations! Here marks the beginning of the million-dollar question - is it a boy or girl? The follow-up to that is should you have a gender reveal party? You can still search through baby shower locations in Montgomery County, but unlike a baby shower, a gender reveal party is not really a time for gifts for the baby. It’s a time to celebrate the announcement of the baby’s gender. Every day couples are coming up with more creative ways to shout “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” among family and friends. There are both pros and cons to this latest trend amongst expecting parents.

17 Apr: Planning an Elegant Baby Shower? Try These Games.

When you find yourself in charge of planning a baby shower, you have to decide how you want to incorporate elegance and style into this celebration. From organizing the décor details to deciding on culinary options, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to planning the perfect elegant baby shower.