22 Jun: Should You Have a Gender Reveal Party?

So, you have found out that a baby is on its way. Congratulations! Here marks the beginning of the million-dollar question - is it a boy or girl? The follow-up to that is should you have a gender reveal party? You can still search through baby shower locations in Montgomery County, but unlike a baby shower, a gender reveal party is not really a time for gifts for the baby. It’s a time to celebrate the announcement of the baby’s gender. Every day couples are coming up with more creative ways to shout “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” among family and friends. There are both pros and cons to this latest trend amongst expecting parents.

17 Apr: Planning an Elegant Baby Shower? Try These Games.

When you find yourself in charge of planning a baby shower, you have to decide how you want to incorporate elegance and style into this celebration. From organizing the décor details to deciding on culinary options, you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to planning the perfect elegant baby shower.

14 Dec: Three Themes for Your Winter Baby Shower

If you find yourself in charge of planning a baby shower in Lansdale this winter season, it might be difficult to think of ways to come up with a theme without it looking too much like a Christmas or holiday party. Lansdale can become a winter wonderland, so the timing to plan this baby shower around this magical time of the year should be a breeze!

29 Nov: Mix It Up with a Co-Ed Baby Shower

Think the baby shower is just for the mommy-to-be? Think again! These days, we’ve been noticing that more daddys-to-be, as well as other male family members and friends, are attending the entire baby shower as opposed to just showing up as the party is ending to help pack up the car. If you’re in charge of a Landsdale, PA, baby shower with this new and innovative cultural practice, here are a few ideas to keep in mind so you can entertain ALL the guests—not just the females! Baby Daddy on board!

15 Jan: Winter Baby & Bridal Showers

Winter can be a wonderful time to celebrate an impending addition or union. Despite not having the luxury of an outdoor space, Lansdale baby and bridal shower venues can provide a warm and welcoming spot for to mark a joyous occasion. Hosting a winter celebration lends itself to some built-in themes, but sticking to them is entirely up to you! Here are some fun ideas for your winter baby or bridal shower.

26 Jan: How to Plan a Perfect Baby Shower

There’s no happier time in a family than when they are welcoming a new baby to the world, and it’s the perfect time to have a great big celebration! Baby showers are a must when there’s a new child on the way, to ensure the new mother is prepared with everything she needs. Let’s look at some ideas for throwing the perfect baby shower in Montgomery County, PA!