5 Hindu Wedding Traditions You Should Know

Weddings are a wondrous occasion; a time of celebration, as two individuals join together in a commitment ceremony where they pledge their lives to each other. While all weddings are beautiful in their own right, regardless of venue or budget, there’s nothing quite like the lavishness typical of the Hindu matrimonial celebration.

10 Things Your Officiant Wants to Tell You

Your wedding officiant will no doubt have a ton more experience with MontCo weddings than you, no matter how many times you’ve been married or how many weddings you’ve attended. So, if you’re approaching your own wedding day, here are a few things that officiants have shared for future married couples.

5 Tips for a Successful Masquerade Party

If you’re searching for masquerade party venues, then read on. Throwing or hosting a party is always fun. But there’s something to be said about an elaborate, over-the-top party; one that shows all your guests that not only are you the best party planner there is, but that you’re willing to pull out all the stops. One such example is the masquerade party.

Should You Have a Gender Reveal Party?

So, you have found out that a baby is on its way. Congratulations! Here marks the beginning of the million-dollar question - is it a boy or girl? The follow-up to that is should you have a gender reveal party? You can still search through baby shower locations in Montgomery County, but unlike a baby shower, a gender reveal party is not really a time for gifts for the baby. It’s a time to celebrate the announcement of the baby’s gender. Every day couples are coming up with more creative ways to shout “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” among family and friends. There are both pros and cons to this latest trend amongst expecting parents.