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Are Buffet or Plated Meals Better for Your Wedding?

No two people are exactly the same, and you want your wedding to reflect the best of both of you, while also creating the perfect party atmosphere for your guests! Food is a huge part of most wedding receptions, and therefore you have a couple of big decisions to make. While you're shopping around for wedding venue packages, give some thought to what kind of meal set-up you envision. There are two basic styles, buffet or plated, and both come with a few pros and cons.

Planning an Unforgettable Reunion with Ease

If you or someone you know is looking to plan a family reunion, high school or college reunion, or a we-haven't-hung-out-in-a-long-time reunion or any kind, remember that it IS possible to plan a cool reunion that people will talk about for years to come. Check out the area, pick a Montgomery County event venue, and put on your thinking cap. A little creativity and some advance planning can go a long way toward a memorable reunion.

3 Great Reasons to Throw a Cocktail Party

If there's always time for a cocktail, there must also always be time for a cocktail party, right? Of course! If you're one of those people who needs a "good reason" to throw a cocktail party, then look no further. So many of life's hills and valleys warrant a good celebration. Here are 3 great reasons to throw a cocktail party.

5 Tips for Planning Your Maternity Photos

Babies bring a ton of excitement with them, even before they're born. Nothing seems to get people more excited than the pending arrival of a baby! Between getting the nursery set up, getting ready for your own baby shower, and feeling increasingly pregnant, it's easy to forget just how beautiful you are! Check out these tips for planning your maternity photos.