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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Planning Checklist

Your child’s bar/bat mitzvah is a huge rite of passage, and planning the celebration can often be a big undertaking, as there are tons of details to consider to make it a wonderful moment for your whole family. If you’re looking for a bar/bat mitzvah party venue near Philadelphia, your friends at Pinecrest Country Club will help you ensure that every detail is tended to so you can enjoy this momentous moment without worry. Here’s a quick checklist to help you get started and stay on track right up until the big day.

Non-Traditional and Unique Wedding Dress Ideas

These days, it’s become more and more culturally acceptable to “go against the grain” and skip the traditional wedding dress. Brides everywhere are embracing what speaks to them more than what is considered expected. If you’re looking into following your heart instead of tradition, rest assured that the Montgomery County wedding halls in the area will embrace your independent style. After all, it's your day! Here are a few ways you can be unique with your wedding dress.