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Top Party Favors for Your Sweet 16

You want your Sweet 16 to be unforgettable. One way to ensure that your party won’t be forgotten is to send your guests home with the best party favors possible! Sure, all party favors are fun but often they become throwaways. Not your favors. They will be the talk of the town. After you secure your Bucks County Sweet 16 venue, start researching which favors speak to you. Here are a few favorites that are sure to impress.

You’re engaged! Now what?

You said, “Yes!” Now, it’s time to plan. Being engaged is a wonderful time of anticipation and long-awaited dreams fulfilled. To keep the time before your big day focused on your love and out of sight of unnecessary stress simply follow these simple steps. Before you know it you, your dress will be swirling around during your first dance on the floor of your wedding venue near Philadelphia.

3 Reasons to have an Unplugged Wedding

Wedding ceremonies are magical celebrations. The bringing together of two people, in love, dedicating their lives to each other. Traditions vary from culture to culture, family to family, but at the end of the day, it’s a day celebrating love. But in our modern, technology-crazed world, there is something that can put a damper on that day: cellphones.

Party Favors Your Guests Will Keep

After a spectacularly wonderful time at a close friend’s party — a formal occasion, not just a random get together — a good host or hostess will leave some sort of trinket for you and other guests to take home as a memento. But let’s be honest, most times we find ourselves in a bit of quandary: The memento, sweet as the notion may be, is not usually something we need or particularly want to keep. But to just toss it is a bit … insensitive. So we hold onto these tchotchkes just in case.

Three Creative Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Themes

Of course, it’s not required to pick a theme for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. But it’s pretty common and it can help make the rest of the planning a little bit easier. Here, three themes that we think will help make your party a big hit ... and keep all your guests talking for weeks to come.

What to Know When Booking Your Wedding Photographer

You have just booked your dream wedding location near Bucks County, PA, at PineCrest Country Club. Now it's time to get your photographer lined up for the big day. There are some key questions you will want to ask the photographers you are considering to capture your big day. Their responses will help you find the best photographer for you.