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3 Great Reasons to Throw a Cocktail Party

If there's always time for a cocktail, there must also always be time for a cocktail party, right? Of course! If you're one of those people who needs a "good reason" to throw a cocktail party, then look no further. So many of life's hills and valleys warrant a good celebration. Here are 3 great reasons to throw a cocktail party.

5 Tips for Planning Your Maternity Photos

Babies bring a ton of excitement with them, even before they're born. Nothing seems to get people more excited than the pending arrival of a baby! Between getting the nursery set up, getting ready for your own baby shower, and feeling increasingly pregnant, it's easy to forget just how beautiful you are! Check out these tips for planning your maternity photos.

5 Tips for Writing the Best Bridesmaid or Groomsman Speech

Being a bridesmaid or groomsman at someone's wedding is an honor and great responsibility. If you need to prepare a speech, get ready to accept your moment with the microphone. Oh, you're not a lover of the spotlight? Not a gifted writer or speaker? You're not alone. Here is a little friendly advice on how to write the perfect speech.

3 Musical Themes for Your Retirement Party

Come retirement time, and you and your friends need to get cracking – because it's party time! No matter who is planning this shindig, the first thing to do is book a party space in Lansdale. The second thing to do is set a fun musical theme that truly represents your personality. Not sure how to summarize your work experience with all the gazillions of songs that exist in the world? Check out these tips to pick a musical theme that represents a happy farewell.

2019 High-Tech Wedding Trends

Your wedding day is all about perfect moments. But it's also about the memories. Often, this means getting the perfect pictures and keepsakes. Of course, you (or your mom) want the traditional posed pictures and a few great candids on the dance floor. But aerial shots, genuine faces, and capturing even the day's biggest goof-ups can be attained if you spring for a few extra details. Utilize all of the hottest wedding technology trends Philadelphia has to offer!