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5 Ideas For Winter Wedding Flower Bouquets


Winter weddings can be some of the most beautiful celebrations. With a chill in the air and possibly a sparkling blanket of snow on the ground, the last thing you might think of is fresh blooms. However, winter wedding flower bouquets can be some of the most stunning! It’s likely that your wedding celebration may be a little smaller than you’d anticipated due to the current pandemic, but that means that you can focus on the details like what specific blooms you’d like to use in your bouquets, boutonnieres, and other decor. Winter flowers can be cozy or dramatic and truly fit the overall feel of your celebration. Here are some excellent options for any winter wedding.

1. Roses

Classic and beautiful, roses come in a variety of colors to fit any theme. Winter wedding bouquets are often adorned with red or white roses, but you can select from the rainbow depending on your color scheme. Since roses are always available, choosing this standard bloom may also help your budget!

2. Poinsettias

This traditional holiday flower can really bring home a winter wedding theme. If your plan is to go all-in on a holiday wedding, then these are your top pick! Most often we see poinsettias in pots, but your florist can take these classics to the next level. Poinsettias also come in different hues, so you aren’t locked into a red or white color scheme if you’re looking for something a little more muted.

3. Anemones

These plentiful winter blooms are white with a dramatic dark center. While you can get these flowers in other hues like violet, pink, and red, the white is a perfect addition to winter wedding bouquets. Pair them with deep, dark calla lilies for a stunning arrangement. Do note that some cultures consider anemones to represent ill tidings, so if you’re superstitious you may want to select another bloom.

4. Camellias

These multi-layered blooms are perfect for early winter weddings as their blooming season ends in December. Camellias are truly one of winter’s gems as they add beautiful texture to any bouquet. They also come in varying shades of pink.

5. Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are delicate and require a little extra care when it comes to transforming them into bouquets and boutonnieres but they’re oh so romantic! These sweetly scented blooms come in shades of pink and violet or even white. You could also use these in centerpieces to give your entire venue a pleasant fragrance.

Finding a wedding venue that can still navigate a winter wedding during COVID can be challenging but PineCrest is here to help! Contact PineCrest today to learn more about our enhanced cleaning procedures and to see what dates we still have available for your special day. Then get to planning for your stunning winter wedding flower bouquets!