Elegant, formal dinner setting with chilled wine on the table.

17 Aug: Who, What, When, Where, & How to Plan a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

You're getting married! There's still a ton of planning to do and decisions to make. People are going to likely being coming in from out of town to watch you tie the knot, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen work so hard to support you and help you make the most out of your big day. Hosting a rehearsal dinner is a great way to relax and have a good time with your close friends and family right before the big day. Whether you go traditional or put your own spin on things, here are some tips on how to plan a rehearsal dinner.
Wedding party dressed in unmatched pink dresses and formal wear.

25 Jul: Wedding Traditions to Skip and to Keep

With the evolution of the modern wedding, comes a plethora of choices! Tradition can be fun because it can make you feel connected to all the other family members who wed before you, dating back many, many years. But it can also be a point of stress, as some influential members of the planning committee might expect certain traditions that you're not keen on. Expectations and family customs can be difficult to navigate, but don't forget that this is YOUR day. As you're deciding on a wedding reception venue near Philadelphia, evaluate what's important to you and your betrothed, so you can incorporate the traditions that work for you, and the ones that simply don't. Here's a little insight into what traditions seem to be standing the test of time, and which ones seem to be on the way out.
several chafing dishes lined up for a wedding buffet

16 Jul: Are Buffet or Plated Meals Better for Your Wedding?

No two people are exactly the same, and you want your wedding to reflect the best of both of you, while also creating the perfect party atmosphere for your guests! Food is a huge part of most wedding receptions, and therefore you have a couple of big decisions to make. While you're shopping around for wedding venue packages, give some thought to what kind of meal set-up you envision. There are two basic styles, buffet or plated, and both come with a few pros and cons.
Several champagne glasses raised for a toast at a wedding.

18 May: 5 Tips for Writing the Best Bridesmaid or Groomsman Speech

Being a bridesmaid or groomsman at someone's wedding is an honor and great responsibility. If you need to prepare a speech, get ready to accept your moment with the microphone. Oh, you're not a lover of the spotlight? Not a gifted writer or speaker? You're not alone. Here is a little friendly advice on how to write the perfect speech.
Bridal party aerial photograph captured by a drone

27 Apr: 2019 High-Tech Wedding Trends

Your wedding day is all about perfect moments. But it's also about the memories. Often, this means getting the perfect pictures and keepsakes. Of course, you (or your mom) want the traditional posed pictures and a few great candids on the dance floor. But aerial shots, genuine faces, and capturing even the day's biggest goof-ups can be attained if you spring for a few extra details. Utilize all of the hottest wedding technology trends Philadelphia has to offer!
Photograph of a wedding couple on a table with other decorative memory box items

07 Apr: 4 Top Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding can seem overwhelming to say the least. When it comes time to select your photographer, it's important to know what you're getting into. Once you've at least narrowed the venue decision down to a few wedding locations near Philadelphia, start interviewing photographers. There are a few key bits of information you'll want to find out if you want to be satisfied with how your big day was caught on camera.
sidewalk chalk that reads hashtag love one another

16 Mar: How to Create a Wedding Hashtag

There is so much to think about when planning a wedding, it’s little wonder that the two at the center of it all share a propensity for becoming “zillas.” (All that stress can get to even the best of us.) But nowadays, in this tech-savvy world where all things social reign supreme, there’s one detail to work out before you even start to work on the guest list, decor, food, or even finding the ideal wedding venue in Lansdale, PA - The Perfect Wedding Hashtag!
Two hands holding an engagement ring and scrabble letters to spell the word Love.

03 Feb: You’re engaged! Now what?

You said, “Yes!” Now, it’s time to plan. Being engaged is a wonderful time of anticipation and long-awaited dreams fulfilled. To keep the time before your big day focused on your love and out of sight of unnecessary stress simply follow these simple steps. Before you know it you, your dress will be swirling around during your first dance on the floor of your wedding venue near Philadelphia.