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How to Choose Your Maid of Honor

Posted on October 27, 2017

bride with maid of honor and bridesmaidsPlanning a wedding can be a very stressful thing to map out. From the dress to the cake and the music to the food, there is so much for you to think about. This makes choosing your maid of honor an even more important choice to make when looking for someone to lean on while planning your special day at one of many Lansdale wedding venues. While important, however, don’t overthink it when it comes to who you want to stand by your side. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

The position is more than just a title

There is much more to being a maid of honor than just donning the title on the day of the wedding. Make sure your candidates know what responsibilities you will need them to handle and how they can help when the stress builds a little too much. Your maid of honor needs to be able to roll with the punches when it comes to maintaining your calm and get involved in decision-making that you might need another set of eyes for. (This goes for the rest of your bridal party as well in different ways. Make sure you let everyone know to what they are committing, no matter how in-depth your wedding plans are.)

Start with your family and work your way out

When trying to choose between a close sister and an amazing best friend, your best bet is often to go with family. This includes both blood-related relatives as well as the friends and companions that have been with you through everything with you. This not only keeps your family at the core of your wedding, but also protects the day if there is a hiccup in the friendship for whatever reason while also maintaining a balance of understanding with all of your friends who may think they are the better fit. If you really cannot choose between friend or family, you could incorporate a maid of honor as well as a matron of honor to add layers to your bridal party.

Go with what you feel

Beyond understanding who will take the role most seriously and who is the closest to you, choosing your maid of honor is often most easily decided on when you just trust your instincts. Embrace the person your gut wants to go with and who you can picture in your mind standing next to you at your Lansdale wedding venue. The same is also true for the reverse, in that, if there is someone (who you may love dearly) that is not the right person for the job, you are able to take them out of the running by trusting your own forethought.

No matter what, this is your decision

Whether from friends or parents, you might feel pressured into choosing one person over another. But here is the truth about the dreaded guilt trip? From top to bottom, this is yours and your partner’s day. You get to decide on everything to make it the day that you want with the exact people with whom you’d like to share it.

Using some of these tips to pick your maid of honor will lighten some of the stress and intimidation that comes with such a decision. Through it all, if you are able to ensure that your maid of honor and the rest of your bridal party feels valued and knows their own roles at your Lansdale wedding venue on the big day, then you will guarantee that you are surrounded by blissful friends and family, creating a successful and memorable wedding celebration.