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4 Fun Retirement Party Themes

Arrow Sign that says RetirementYou’ve worked toward this your whole life: retirement. Now that it’s finally here, you deserve to celebrate in style. And what better way than to choose one of the many fun retirement party themes? At PineCrest, not only can we give you a place to celebrate this milestone, but we’ll even take care of all food and drink, whether you want a simple cocktail party, casual luncheon, or full-on dinner party. If you’re feeling a little stuck as you try to figure out what theme to choose for your party, here are a few ideas to consider.

1. Career-Based Theme

You’re celebrating the end of a lifetime of work. If you spent your life working in a certain industry, the obvious theme is to pay homage to it. If you were a teacher, for example, you could adorn the tables with elaborate apple centerpieces and include a slew of chalkboards with well-wishes. Or, maybe you spent your life as a firefighter. Centerpieces could be crafted around firefighter helmets and we could help you create a fiery signature cocktail.

2. Year-of-Hire Theme

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? Were you a lifelong worker in your industry? Choose the year that you began this career and then build the theme around that year or decade. Invite guests to dress in era-appropriate attire and we’ll help you craft a modern menu inspired by popular dishes of the day.

Download PineCrest’s menus to view some delectable options:
– Luncheon Selections
– Dinner Party Options 
– Expansive Buffet Stations

3. Vacation Theme

Retirement marks the start of your endless vacation. Whether you plan to spend your future days on the road or at home, for the party, choose your ultimate dream destination and let us help you transform our event space into something reminiscent of that spot.

4. Hobby Theme

You’re about to have a whole lot more time on your hands. Finally! Plenty of time to devote to that favorite pastime of yours! Celebrate by planning your party around that hobby. Are you a fan of gardening? Let’s flood the event space with vibrant, fragrant flowers and plants of all types. Love baking? We’ll plan a party menu chockfull of an assortment of fresh, baked goods.

Retirement party themes don’t have to be tricky. They should just be fun! Whatever it is you choose, we’d love to be a part of helping you celebrate this momentous occasion in your life. Contact a special event coordinator online or call us at 215-855-4113 to book a date!

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