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Steal These Celebrity Tips for Your Birthday Party

Posted on January 15, 2018

video game themes birthday partyIf your birthday is coming up and you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate it instead of the traditional and tired “dinner and drinks” song and dance, consider these celebrity-inspired party themes that you can do at practically any birthday party venue in Lansdale, PA, including PineCrest Country Club. The spaces are flexible and capable of holding parties of all sizes—so get brainstorming so you can focus on your dance moves – AND your selfie game!

1. Jessica Alba’s Pajama Party

To celebrate her husband’s birthday, Jessica threw a very dressed-down soiree: pajamas only! This theme is highly steal-worthy, as most of us probably have at least one pajama onesie that we don’t get the chance to wear often enough. BONUS: No worries about wardrobe malfunctions at this kind of party! Plus, comfort is key!

2. Khloe Kardashian’s Arcade Party

This wouldn’t be a party list without ONE Kardashian inclusion, right? Don’t worry about shelling out lots of cash on this party—just bring plenty of coins! Make it feel even more genuine to your youthful days with a pizza party and stuffed animals and candy as party favors! There are services that will bring the arcade to you! So, get to researching and consult with your birthday party venue in Lansdale, PA.

3. Jessica Biel’s Roller Skating Party

To ring in her birthday, Jessica threw a retro roller rink party filled with 70s-inspired attire, music, and decorations. This is relatively cheap to plan if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic for classic fun and entertainment—some rinks still have those classic disco balls to make it feel even more authentic! Just make sure you stretch beforehand…

4. Ciara’s Superhero-Themed Party

Here’s another excuse to bring out your inner-kid! To celebrate her special day, Ciara held a superheroes-only party. Head to your local party store to get all the themed decorations you can imagine, then have everyone show up as their favorite hero! Plus, if you have kids, they’ll totally appreciate that their parent is all dressed up!

No matter what theme you go with, your birthday party venue in Lansdale, PA, is sure create a memorable experience. Contact us to learn how PineCrest can help you plan the perfect party!