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Summer Themes for Montgomery County Birthday Party Venues

Posted on August 25, 2017

beach themed birthday party cake and decorations

Think back to summer as a kid – ice cream melting down your hand, lightning bugs fluttering about, making friends at the local pool. Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean that you have to give up the summer fun you always had, especially during summer birthday parties. Here are some delightful summer themes to incorporate at a top Montgomery County, PA, birthday party venue, such as PineCrest Country Club.


Summer was always a time to let loose with quintessential summertime playlists that matched. Give you guests the opportunity to strut their stuff with an all-out karaoke bar party. Whether you rent a machine yourself or hire a professional, make sure you have enough song choices to get everyone singing and dancing. For extra fun, have various props and accessories – such as big glasses, feather boas, and wigs – for singers to really get into the spirit!

Not interested in singing for your supper? Check out local DJ and music trivia entertainment. You and your guests will be able to dance about to the playlists and then form teams to test their music knowledge, from today’s top 20 to the oldies of decades past. Cater the setlists to the crowd so everyone can enjoy!

Costume Party

Because who doesn’t love dressing up? Though you can always stick to more summer-leaning costumes, such as mermaids, sea creatures, or beach dwellers, the possibilities for this could be endless. Other ideas include having everyone dress in white, a Frozen-theme for the Disney lover, Hawaiian, or a specific decade – for instance, the decade most important to the birthday guest of honor.

Wine tasting

Bring in the subtle sophistication of warm, California vineyards and throw a wine tasting event your guests will love. Aside from having several wines set out to enjoy, decorate the room in draped fabrics and offer light hors d’oeuvres to balance the palate between sips. Pair this party with a small band to set the mood just right.


The summer bash of summer bashes. A luau is a tried and true summer event straight from the shores of Oahu. From decorative leis and grass skirts to specialty coconut drinks, your luau at Montgomery County, PA, birthday party venues will excite and entice.

No matter what theme you choose, turn up the music, beat the summer heat with a refreshing summer cocktail and have the time of your life.