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Why a Silent Disco is Right for Your Wedding

DJ Equipment with headphonesIf you’re planning a wedding right now, you might be looking into alternatives to traditional reception ideas. As an example, most wedding dance floors don’t make for appropriate social distancing. However, the new trend of silent disco could help! What is a silent disco you ask? It’s almost exactly what it sounds like! A silent disco allows guests to tune into their own music (typically pre-selected stations offered by your DJ) and dance the night away on their own. There are several benefits of a silent disco instead of the traditional DJ set up.

1. Guest Choice

A silent disco allows your guests to choose which station they tune into. Depending on the DJ you hire, your guests may be able to tune into a variety of stations, which will be noted by what color their headphones are. This way they can select what type of music they’re feeling and know who else is listening to the same station. Guests won’t have to worry about “sitting out” songs they don’t like and can dance the night away with those who are on the same station!

2. Less Noise

If your celebration has been moved outdoors due to the pandemic, you may be dealing with noise ordinances and restrictions. With a silent disco, you don’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors! Since guests are wearing headphones, there won’t be speakers blasting your favorite dance hits into the night. Everyone, including the neighbors, can enjoy exactly what they want to hear whether that’s today’s hits or total silence.

3. Ability to Distance

Guests can stay tuned in to their selected station as long as they’re within 300 feet of the DJ booth. That means they have lots more room to dance, and distance, off the designated dance floor! Instead of packing everyone onto the 10 x 10 wooden square, encourage them to spread out and get down!

4. Live Competition

So, if you have the funds, you could hire three separate DJs to spin live sets for your silent disco. They can determine who is “winning” the night by the number of people with their designated color lit up on their headphones! The crowd may even get involved in the friendly competition.

Find out what a silent disco is for yourself at your wedding! It will certainly make your special night even more memorable for those who come together to celebrate with you. PineCrest Country Club weddings, receive personal attention from a talented events coordinator to ensure your special day will be a little more stress-free.  Please call us at 215-855-4113 or contact us to book your event date today.