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How to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

So your best friend is getting married. You’re the maid of honor. That’s not just a mere title. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with that role. You’re going to be leading the bridal party on that very special day. You’ll have to give a toast to the bride and groom at the reception. But before any of that happens, you’ll have to plan the bridal shower.
Never planned a bridal shower before? No worries! We’ve created this helpful guide to the bridal shower planning process that’s pretty simple and easy to follow. If you’ve already planned a bridal shower in the past (but it’s been a few years) then this guide will be a welcome refresher for you

Planning a Bridal Shower: First Steps

Before you get into the fun side of bridal shower planning you have to take care of the more logistical aspects of the event. While these aren’t as enjoyable as making favors and decorating, they are completely necessary. Without fulfilling these steps, there is no bridal shower.

Budget – Throwing a bridal shower means covering the cost of various party expenses such as venue rental fees, food and beverages, decorations, and party favors. Creating a realistic budget from the very start allows you to determine the size and scope of the event.
Guest List – After you have your budget allocated, you’ll be able to finalize your guest list. All of the members of the bridal party should be invited along with the engaged couple’s mothers. You may want to work with the bride’s mother to make sure no one is overlooked and to compile a list of everyone’s addresses and contact information.
Date – This step can be a little tricky. Not only do you need to set a date that gives you enough time to prepare everything, you also want to be sure that the bride-to-be is actually available on that day and time. Helpful Hint: If possible, try not to schedule the bridal shower near holidays or near other events your guests may be attending (baby showers, birthday parties, etc) to avoid limited attendance and/or scheduling conflicts.

Planning a Bridal Shower: Next Steps

Ok, now that you have completed the foundational steps of the planning process, it’s time to start planning the fun stuff!

Venue – Now that you have a final guest list, you need to find a location that will comfortably accommodate everyone. Using your budget as a guide, compile a list of local venues with available rental spaces on your determined date. Most venue websites have a gallery of their available rental options, but it’s always best to call them directly and speak with a representative so you can ask any questions you may have. After you get your list whittled down to the top contenders, we suggest taking a tour of the venues to decide which location best suits your needs.
Theme – This step isn’t necessary, but it can add an extra element of fun to the event. If the bride has a hobby or activity that she’s passionate about, you can use that as the theme of the event. This will help when it comes to decorating the venue, selecting invitations, etc.
Invitations – Now that you have your guest list, date and location all confirmed, it’s time to send out invitations. If you are going with a theme for the shower then the invitations should complement it. If you opted to have a more traditional shower without a theme, then be sure that the invitations reflect the guest of honor’s style and taste. If you can incorporate the bride’s wedding color palette.
Menu – Next, you’ll want to plan the food and beverage options for the day. A lot of factors should be considered when finalizing the event menu (time of day/year, bride’s preferences, food allergies, dietary restrictions, etc.).

Planning a Bridal Shower: Final Steps

Ok. Take a deep breath. You’re almost done planning the perfect bridal shower. Just a couple of steps left. Best of all, these last steps are the easiest and most enjoyable of the process!

Games – Bridal shower isn’t a bridal shower without some fun and funny games! These games should be wedding-themed and give everyone a chance to have fun, meet new friends and celebrate the excitement of the bride-to-be’s big day!
Music – A bridal shower can always benefit from a bit of music. Whether subtly playing in the background for extra ambience or front-and-center for dancing and games, the party playlist should reflect the bride’s personality and taste – but also be appropriate for the guests, too.

Now you know all of the steps you need to take to plan the perfect bridal shower. Follow this guide and your event will be one that everyone – especially the bride – will enjoy and remember for years to come.
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