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Simple & Elegant Dinner Party Decorations

dinner table setting with utensils, plates and vine table decorWhen throwing a dinner party, you want to make sure your guests enjoy every minute.  

While the menu and entertainment are essential for everyone’s enjoyment, so is the environment. 

In addition to hosting your dinner party in a suitable location (like PineCrest Country Club), the pleasant atmosphere is also complemented by the right decorations. 

To help make your event a success, we’ve put together this list of great dinner party decoration ideas! 

Dinner Party Decoration Idea #1: Distinct Centerpieces 

Since guests will be spending the majority of their evening at their table, you want to make sure it’s a visually pleasing setting. 

Centerpieces are key for creating a comfortable and atmospheric environment. 

Making seasonally appropriate centerpieces the focal point of each table is a wonderful way to create the perfect setting for the evening. 

Mums, goldenrod, dahlias, cornflower, sunflowers and celosia are just a few flowers that are perfect for fall dinner parties. For winter gatherings, brighten up the scene with centerpieces filled with viola, crocus, winter berries and Christmas roses. 

Hyacinths, tulips, daisies and peony are perfect for capturing the essence of spring. 

And if you really want to set the scene for a summer dinner party, create centerpieces that incorporate elements of the beach, including sand, seashells and stones, 

To make your centerpieces stand out, be sure to drape your tables in traditional white tablecloths. 

Dinner Party Decoration Idea #2: Add Unique Accessories 

Although the bulk of your attention is focused on the more elaborate decorations, don’t forget about incorporating accessories, too. 

The little things do indeed go a long way to helping make your dinner party more wonderful and memorable.

If your dinner party has a theme, you can complement it with the addition of themed place cards, napkin rings, salt and pepper shakers,tea lights, coasters, cocktail napkins and other simple decorations. 

Keep the party vibes going outside the event area by adding party-themed hand towels, soaps and toiletries to the restrooms. 

You can even incorporate decorations into your attire. Necklaces, brooches, tie tacks and lapel pins that match your dinner party theme are subtle touches that add to the appeal of your event. 

Dinner Party Decoration Idea #3: Multipurpose Decorations 

While white balloons, twinkle lights and bunting were traditionally found at dinner parties, you’ll want to opt for something a bit more refined and elegant. 

Instead of decorating with balloons and lights, you can add luxurious multi-purpose decorations.  Multi-color paper lanterns swaying from the ceiling create a much more opulent atmosphere than many of the traditional dinner party decorations. 

Host Your Dinner Party At PineCrest  

We hope that the above dinner party decoration ideas have inspired you. Perhaps you’ll include some of these ideas into your next event. Or, even better, you’ll put your own unique spin on things and create your own one-of-a-kind decorations! 

Rather than host a dinner party at your home or an expensive restaurant, we hope you’ll consider PineCrest Country Club. 

Our various event spaces can comfortably accommodate everything from intimate dinners to large-scale gatherings. 

Our event staff will assist you with customizing the perfect menu and making sure that your event flows seamlessly. 

To inquire about hosting your next dinner party at PineCrest, please contact us today!