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Tips for Planning a Corporate Golf Outing in Montgomery County

Close up on a bag of golf clubs.Nothing boosts company morale and promotes colleague bonding like a golf outing. The tough part is planning a corporate event that appeals to a wide variety of people. Planning a corporate golf outing in Montgomery County, PA, takes a little bit of work, but it’s worth every bit of it. Making memories, building trust, and having some good old-fashioned fun is the perfect way to spend a few hours away from the office. Here are some tips for planning the perfect corporate golf outing.

1. Assemble a Team

The best way to ensure a successful outing is to establish some kind of planning committee is. Put someone at the top, and a few people directly underneath in charge of different parts of the trip. You know the old saying, “heavy hands make light work.” Well, the more organized you are from the start, the more fun everyone will have.

2. Pick a Date

This is not the fun part, but since it’s wise to plan at least six months in advance, the sooner this decision is made, the more time you’ll have to make the rest of the plans. Everyone is going to want to be able to set aside time to attend, so be sure to make the date (as well as a rain date) clear to all potential attendees so they can plan on attending.

3. Set a Budget

No one loves the dreaded “B” word, but lines have to be drawn somewhere! Also, setting a budget serves as a guide when decisions have to be made. Consider green fees, cart rentals, insurance, as well as whether you want to charge attendees to play, if you’re including any sponsorship costs or prizes for winning golf scores. You’ll definitely want to include food and drinks.

4. Location is Everything

Find and contract a course ASAP. Reputable golf clubs are also great resources if you want some help with the planning. Country clubs also usually serve food and can easily host award ceremonies. A place like PineCrest Country Club is a great place for a corporate golf outing in Montgomery County, PA. Chances are the company is not comprised of too many professional golfers, which means you need to pick the right course. A big name might be impressive, but usually they feature more difficult tests. At PineCrest, the course itself appeals to a wide variety of skill levels, and they offer several different food and drink packages ranging from simple deli trays and hot dogs to three-course buffets. So, whichever food option fits your budget the best, you’ll suddenly have the food portion set and you can move onto the next item on the list!

5. Sponsorship and Themes

Saving money is always a great idea. So, is a little friendly competition. Finding other companies and organizations to sponsor the tournament not only helps offset some of the out-of-your-pocket costs for the event itself, it can also help to raise awareness for a specific charity or provide another team or two for the golfers to compete against. Local companies might also be interested in supplying prizes for winners. On a similar note, consider choosing a theme. Local celebrities or charities, or something as simple as a product launch can help get people excited for the event.

6. Market the Event

In addition to traditional invitations, send out some reminders periodically and reveal fun details leading up to the event. Prizes, sponsorships, and other incentives get people excited for the big day. That being said, you’ll also want to make sure that the event lives up to expectations. Morning registration, someone manning the prize table, featured speakers, and all that jazz will require some supervision to make sure it all goes off without a hitch. Make one or more people responsible for keeping everything running as it should.

There you have it! Planning a corporate golf outing in Montgomery County, PA, might take some time and some creative thought, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

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