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Corporate Meeting Survival Tips

Posted on November 9, 2015

business people attending a corporate meeting

Despite the joy you get out of your professional career, attending corporate events can be a drag—more so, when you’re feeling time-crunched and antsy about that never-dwindling to-do list or pending deal. No matter what industry you work in, it’s pretty likely you’ll spend sometime during the year networking, idea sharing or celebrating with coworkers and peers.

To anyone who predates the mobile device addiction, relaxing into ‘facetime’ is second nature. But for many younger professionals, being ‘stuck’ at a corporate event can cause a lot of anxiety. Hold fast to these simple corporate meeting survival tips and you’ll make a lasting impression. Which, by the way, has more to do with good manners than how sharp you, or your latest sales numbers, look. Regardless of how high or low you are on the corporate ladder, the most respected people in the room are those who let everyone know, through their body language and dialogue, that they’re engaged in what’s happening in real-time and on-location.

Arrive on Time

This is as no-brainer as it gets: Unless there’s a disaster, it’s critical that you arrive for your meeting on time or earlier. Arriving late will interrupt the event and draw unwanted attention. If you have never been to the location of the meeting, allow extra time for traffic, finding a parking space, and navigating the facility.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Ditch your phone and if doing so, let everyone know that you’re using your tablet for note taking. Tuning out your cell phone is probably one of the hardest things to do during a corporate event. Unless the event host has invited live-tweeting or Facebook posting, it’s wise to keep that phone out of sight. Turning your ringer to silent is a given, but notification lights and eyes that dart back and forth can be distracting and make those around you wonder where your mind is. Going ‘hands-free’ is much easier when that phone is stashed.

Get it on Paper

There’s a reason we all have business cards. Your corporate event is one of them. Stock up and invite others to pass theirs onto you. Be prepared to take notes as well: Listening to a speech may be one thing, but you’ll want to remember the information touched on in the presentation and notes will allow you to reference them during a future time. It’s also a good idea to jot a few details down on each business card so you don’t draw a blank on its owner when you’re trying to set up a meeting or add to your email list.

When to Ask Questions (and When Not To)

A Q&A session is standard procedure following a presentation. Unless you’re completely tongue-tied or unsure that you’re question will be well received and move the conversation along, go ahead and participate. Just don’t be that person to ask a question that has already been answered or get too detailed just as the session is winding down and everyone else wants to mingle or get back to the office.

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