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10 Things Your Officiant Wants to Tell You

Your wedding officiant will no doubt have a ton more experience with Montgomery County, PA weddings than you, no matter how many times you’ve been married or how many weddings you’ve attended. So, if you’re approaching your own wedding day, here are a few things that officiants have shared for future married couples.

1. Focus on marriage, not the wedding

It’s easy to worry and fret about all the details that go into the ceremony, but it’s important to never lose sight of why you’re doing this: you’re marrying your best friend!

2. Write down your vows

No matter how much you practice or how heartfelt your vows are, once the moment comes, your emotions will get the best of you, which heightens the possibility of you blanking completely!

3. Ask for help

If you need assistance crafting your vows or picking out readings, officiants for MontCo weddings can help you find some that match the tone of your ceremony.

4. Be honest

On the other hand, if you have strict do’s and don’ts for the big day, let the officiant know! It’s better that they know ahead of time as opposed to too late.

5. Secure us!

Officiants are busy and have tons of engagements. Once you have a date set and have your heart set on a specific officiant, don’t waste any time in securing them for the big day.

6. The ceremony should reflect your mutual views

Whether you and your future spouse are religious, spiritual, or agnostic, it’s important that your ceremony reflects those values – and not just your family’s.

7. It’s okay if you don’t know where to start

It’s okay if you don’t have any direction ideas or are unsure as to what to do. Officiants for MontCo weddings are the experts and can easily help you craft your vision.

8. Include your guests

Your friends and family are all in attendance to celebrate your love, so it’s important to include them in the ceremony, from readings to toasts to nods of honor.

9. Be realistic about friction

Family friction is inevitable. Alert your officiant about possible familial friction to avoid any conflict.

10. Focus on each other

At the end of the day, your wedding day is about you and your spouse. Don’t lose sight of that in the stress of planning your wedding. During those brief moments of getting married, be sure to only focus on your spouse-to-be.

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