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3 Reasons to have an Unplugged Wedding

person using a cell phone to film a couple's wedding Wedding ceremonies are magical celebrations. The bringing together of two people, in love, dedicating their lives to each other. Traditions vary from culture to culture, family to family, but at the end of the day, it’s a day celebrating love. But in our modern, technology-crazed world, there is something that can put a damper on that day: cellphones.

So, once you tackle the tough task of finding one of the many perfect wedding locations near Bucks County, PA, it’s time to consider telling your guests that this ceremony is a cellphone-free zone. Why?

1. make the day about you

Chances are, you’re spending a hefty chunk of change on your big celebration. But even if you’re not, this is truly one day where you and yours are allowed to expect all eyes to be on you … and not their phone screens. Plus, you’ve no doubt hired a professional photographer to capture the day and the last thing you’re going to want is an album full of photos with guests holding their phones above each other’s heads, vying for the most Instagram-worthy photo.

2. keep guests “present”

There’s a reason people hire wedding photographers. This person typically has no emotional investment in the pair tying the knot; their sole purpose at the ceremony is to capture each and every beautiful moment so you have tangible memories to keep forever. So it’s okay if s/he doesn’t catch every word in your vows. What’s not okay is if your parents or best friends are too busy leaning forward, trying to get a perfect shot, and they have to resort to recordings or other pictures to actually take everything in, after the fact.

3. getting upstaged

How many times have you bared witness to an onslaught of photographs from someone’s special day all over your social media … but those photos weren’t posted by the bride, groom, or even someone in the bridal party? And in fact, they were posted before the actual ceremony even ended? This is your special day, and what you share with the world should sometimes be left entirely up to you. Let that first photo of the ceremony that graces the web to be one that you’re in love with, one that you choose. After all, that’s why you’re paying a photographer.

Moral of the story: The day is about the two tying the knot. So when you and your family come together at one of the many wedding locations near Bucks County, PA, all eyes will be focused on you … where they should be.