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Beautiful DIYs for Bucks County PA Wedding Locations

Posted on May 5, 2017

DIY wedding ideas

Is your perfect wedding a vision of unique DIY touches that show the loving work that you’ve put in? Then you’ve come to the right place! So many Bucks County, PA, wedding locations are suited for a charming, DIY wedding. Take advantage of the beauty of your venue to add to your DIY vibe. Here are some beautiful DIY ideas for your special day.


DIYing menus is an easy way to get into wedding crafting. Depending on how creative you are, your menus can be made from standard cardstock or written on unusual material. If you’re a DIY beginner, feel free to pick out some pretty cardstock and write or print your menu on it. You can even use The Knot’s menu template and fill it in with your delicious foods. Feeling adventurous? Consider using atypical materials for your DIY menu. Is your wedding filled with the beauty of nature? Make a menu out of a large leaf! You can make a leaf for each table or one main menu that people can review on the way into the reception area depending on your meal situation. Just grab some calligraphy paint pens and get to writing. Another option is using clear plastic or sheets of lucite for menus – these too can be decorated with paint pens for an elegant menu option.

Marbles Accents

Marble is a hot trend for décor, why not incorporate it into your wedding? Marbled accents offer a chic and sophisticated vibe – the best part is that you can make them yourself. When planning accents for tables and centerpieces, consider adding marbled votives to the mix. You’ll just need some nail polish and clear glass votive holders. While you’re at it, marble some vases to use in centerpieces or throughout the venue. You can also use marbling in signage, invites, and even your cake! Don’t go overboard but think outside the box when it comes to incorporating this chic style.


Using a backdrop in your wedding – whether during the ceremony or the reception – can be a stunning element that will wow the crowd. If you want to use a backdrop in the ceremony, consider the venue. Are you outside? You can play up natural elements that work with the environment or swing the opposite way to use a brightly colored streamer backdrop. The contrast will provide for unique and exciting photos! Looking for a DIY photo booth? The first task is a backdrop. Photo booth backdrops should be large enough for several individuals to get in on the action and coincide with your overall theme. Here’s a great list of DIY photo booth backdrops. Will you and your new spouse be sitting at a sweetheart’s table? Why not put a backdrop behind it? If your table will be the center of attention at the reception, consider crafting a DIY backdrop to occupy the wall behind it. You’ll love the pictures!

Bucks County, PA, wedding locations offer a variety of locations to showcase your DIY best. So, get to crafting and congratulations!