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How Soon is Too Soon to Book a Date?

Posted on March 23, 2018

Wedding planning notebook and magazines

Once you become engaged, the planning begins immediately. From sharing the news with friends and family to thinking about color schemes and vision boards, being a fiancée is often quite hectic. Picking a date is one of the first things to do when it comes to wedding planning. However, finding the perfect wedding venue near Bucks County, PA, will dictate what that date might be. You have to decide whether you’re tied to a date or dedicated to a venue. Here are some things to think about when planning your wedding date.

1. Brainstorm

Talk with your spouse-to-be about what your must-haves are: Are you both dying for a fall wedding? Does it absolutely have to fall on a Saturday? Do you require a wedding planner? If you address some of these preliminary questions in the beginning, you might realize that you have a more narrow plan in mind that you thought. Having these concrete answers in the very beginning will help streamline your decision-making later on.

2. Pick the venue

Most think that picking a date comes first but consider narrowing down a venue first instead. If you browse venues with an open mind regarding dates, you’ll realize that you will look at these spaces with a much more open mind. Some places will have limited availability or host a style that doesn’t sync with your own. Finding the perfect wedding venue near Bucks County, PA, might pick the date for you depending on their availability and what you’re willing to agree to or compromise on.

3. Discuss with family

Before officially nailing down the date and booking the venue, discuss what you have tentatively decided on with your wedding VIPs; these can include both of your parents’, close friends, and siblings. Running the date that you have in mind by them will not only ensure that everyone else is free that day, but you’ll feel even more confident going into the rest of your wedding planning.

Simply put, it’s never too soon to book a date for your big day, but there are several factors that go into selecting that magic number. The first step is to secure a perfect wedding venue near Bucks County, PA, and let the planning fun begin!