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Unique Ideas for Ceremony Structures at Your Venue

Posted on November 17, 2017

bride and groom with wedding arch that had beads and flower Planning your wedding is multi-dimensional and requires attention to detail, creativity, and most of all—patience. One of the most overlooked details to consider at your wedding venue in Montgomery County is the altar scenery; as you and your spouse-to-be exchange vows and make life-long promises to one another, all eyes will be on the two of you—as well as the backdrop behind you and your officiant. Montgomery County’s wedding venues have some of the best options to choose from, and here are some clever and unique ideas that you can incorporate into your ceremony so that it’s one that everyone will remember for years to come.

1. Florals for the win

One of the most common arrangements for wedding ceremonies is inspired by florals. Whether it’s a solid wall backdrop (think Kim Kardashian) or one in a specific shape (circle, semicircle, heart, etc.), a floral arrangement can tie in your wedding color scheme and bring about pops of color if your wedding tone is quiet or muted.

2. Greenery is life

For the wedding that’s a bit more natural or toned down, many couples choose a backdrop that’s themed in natural greens. This way, they feel that it offers pretty scenery without taking the attention away from the couple (okay, let’s face it, the bride). This kind of arrangement can also be somewhat cheaper than a floral version, which is why so many opt for this version.

3. Let nature take the reins

If you’re planning your ceremony to be outdoors, consider what may already be there for you to take advantage of. Maybe there’s a gazebo within the garden, a weeping willow to cover your vows, or even a bold cactus for you to use as “home base” for where it all began. If your ceremony will be indoors, check out any kind of built-in awnings or backdrops that you can personalize yourselves.

4. Name yourselves

Another on-trend structure is a monogramed backdrop. A great way to personalize the space, you have full-ranged freedom with the design and color scheme.

Ultimately, the day is all about you (and your spouse-to-be), so let the inspiration come to you, consult your wedding venue in Montgomery County, and listen to your heart—that’s what you got you to this point anyway!