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How to Incorporate Your Destination Wedding into Your Local Reception

Posted on June 23, 2017

nautical themed wedding decor

Having a destination wedding can be a beautiful memory for you and your spouse, and perhaps, a select few guests. However, most of the people in your life that you’d like to celebrate you love with just can’t attend – either because of financial limitations or because of a spur-of-the-moment matrimony decision on your part. Celebrating locally at a Lansdale, PA, party venue after your wedding abroad is a great way to include everyone in the fun!


There’s no reason you can’t throw a big party to celebrate your destination wedding since you might’ve saved money on the actual ceremony. Pick a Lansdale, PA, party venue that can accommodate your style and the number of guests you’d like to invite. Work with a venue that has experience in hosting parties of any type – whether wedding-related or not.

Destination Details

You loved where you got married, so bring some of that back home by incorporating elements of your destination wedding into your local reception. Did you say “I do” on a beach in Hawaii? Give each guest a lei at your local reception. Serve a menu of island foods like pork and pineapple and include a signature cocktail that reminds you of your wedding locale. Though not everyone could join you at the ceremony, they’ll feel like they did!

Picture it

Surely, you had at least one or two pictures snapped of the big day. Display them! Incorporate images of your destination wedding into several aspects of your décor. Add photos of the ceremony – or even just the place you got married – into centerpieces, venue décor, and more! If your guests weren’t there, they’ll want to know and see every detail!

The Dress

Chances are you won’t be wearing your wedding dress at your Lansdale, PA, party venue. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t pay homage to your destination wedding locale when it comes to your reception attire! You can even wear white. The local reception should definitely feel like a wedding reception, so having a second white dress to wear during your party is fine. Add a bit of your destination to it – either in the dress itself or through accessories. And, encourage your spouse to do the same!