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Greenery on Trend for Bucks County PA Wedding Locations

Posted on February 3, 2017

greenery as decor for weddings

Planning a wedding for 2017? You have your Bucks County, PA, wedding location picked but have you thought about what kind flowers you’ll have? The hot wedding trend for 2017 seems to be no flowers at all. Simple greenery is gaining popularity in lieu of grand and expensive floral arrangements. Here are some of the best ways to use foliage at your wedding.

Branches and Stems

No matter what time of year you’re getting married, you can incorporate branches and stems into décor at your Bucks County, PA, wedding location. The easiest place to use branches, whether leafed or bare, in your décor is the centerpiece. Find a simple container and fill it with weighted filler in the form of stones or glass pebbles then add branches and voile – an elegant and evergreen focal point. Another way to add branches to your wedding is to create an arch to be used during your ceremony. Of course, this requires a little more knowhow and some ingenuity but the result can be beautiful! This branch wedding arch cuts some corners and less wood for an easier DIY.


You can use vines in a variety of ways at your Bucks County, PA, wedding location. Instead of having flowers added to the tiers of a simple wedding cake, add tiny vines that wrap around each tier. Consider using vines to decorate guest chairs for the ceremony. The vines can act as a velvet rope to reserve special seats for family members or to just add a little elegance to the area. Or you can use vines to wrap around guest chairs along the aisle for definition. If you have your reception area set up with long dinner tables that seat several, you could use a large, long vine as a dual-purpose table runner and centerpiece. Add a glass and gold lantern in the middle for a delicate touch.

Tiny Greens

Instead of dropping lots of cash on boutonnieres, make your own with tiny leaves. Select a few springs of greenery and follow any number of DIY tutorials for boutonnieres. You can even add non-organic materials to the arrangements to incorporate your theme or Bucks County, PA, wedding location décor. Another way to use tiny greenery is in favors for your guests. Succulents are some of the easiest plants to care for, which make them great gifts! These are some adorable ideas for DIY succulent wedding favors.

No matter how you opt to use greenery at your Bucks County, PA, wedding location, you’ll be on trend for 2017. So, get the creativity flowing and get planning!