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Unique Guest Book Ideas for Your Bucks County, PA, Wedding Venue

Posted on September 15, 2017

guest book on a globe

While wedding guest books are nothing new, a growing trend in the modern-day wedding scene is to use alternative mediums to record guests’ well-wishes and congratulations for the happy couple. Here are a few creative spins on what “guest book” you might want to set up at your Bucks County, PA, wedding venue.

All Around the Globe

Set up a table with a globe and some permanent markers to allow family and friends to suggest future adventures for the newlyweds.

Spell It Out with a Dictionary

A truly unique idea lets guests circle words of encouragement and love in a decorative dictionary for the you and your spouse to read together. Guests can circle the words they choose with a colored pencil and then tag their names with colorful tabs to create a wonderful display piece for the bride and groom to refer back to when they need it or hope to take a stroll down memory lane.

Buoy, Oh Buoy

For the nautical, sea-faring couple, have guests sign a life ring buoy with colorful permanent markers to remind them how to ride life’s rocky waves together.

Make It a Record Wedding

Lay out two or three old vinyl records that guests can sign with silver or gold permanent markers. These unique mementos can be displayed in right next to your record player or sound system once you get back home.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Pre-stamped envelopes and stationery make for a wonderful alternative to a displayed guest book. Guests can write notes or draw pictures that will be mailed to you during a set period of time. (Just make sure you have someone who is in charge of putting them in the mailbox and, more importantly, retrieving them from your Bucks County, PA, wedding venue at the end of the night!)

Time Capsule Behind a Picture

On the back of a picture you love or one that you will hang in a prominent place in your home, place 15 to 30 little, sealable envelopes marking each year of marriage. Guests can write you a note for a particular year and then seal it when the envelope is filled.

Wishes That Stick

Plain white magnets and permanent markers can make for the best refrigerator decorations. Guests can sign their names and well-wishes to the magnets that will soon adorn the kitchen of the newlyweds.

Think outside the book with these and other unique sign-in ideas that will ensure that you and your spouse have a unique memory keeper to remember the best details about the guests at your Bucks County, PA, wedding venue.