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How to Create a Wedding Hashtag

sidewalk chalk that reads hashtag love one anotherThere is so much to think about when planning a wedding, it’s little wonder that the two at the center of it all share a propensity for becoming “zillas.” (All that stress can get to even the best of us.) But nowadays, in this tech-savvy world where all things social reign supreme, there’s one detail to work out before you even start to work on the guest list, decor, food, or even finding the ideal wedding venue in Lansdale, PA – The Perfect Wedding Hashtag!

It’s an unavoidable truth and, though it may seem a little bit “extra,” it can actually be super useful to you and your guests, allowing everyone to find all those candids taken throughout the ceremony and reception with a quick online search. But that leaves one question begging to be answered: How do you pick the right hashtag?

1. Blend your names

If your names (first or last) can seamlessly flow together to become one catchy made-up creation, do that and then add “gethitched” or “tietheknot” to the end. The hashtag should not only (briefly) describe the event, but also call out the betrothed. And it should be something that reflects your combined personalities.

3. Make it a contest

Shift something off your own plate and instead encourage your guests to come up with something fun and easy to remember. At this point, you’ll be so nerve-wracked trying to wrap your brain around all there is to do, seeing the creative options come in will be a welcomed, much-needed respite from all the chaos.

3. Use an online generator

This may be a less personal touch, but it’ll still get the job done. And at the end of the day, the most important thing is that the hashtag does its job. Sites like Shutterfly offer generators that let you input some basic info and then provide you with something to use.

4. Before you decide, check

The last thing you want is a hashtag that is already being used, especially if it’s in wide circulation. So before you spread the good word on your creation, make sure it’s original. Thankfully for you, there are sites that make this an easy task.

5. Put it everywhere

Now that you have the perfect hashtag, you have to make sure people actually know it. So make sure it’s visible everywhere by including it on the invitations, the place cards, the guest book … anything to help remind your guests to use it on all wedding-related social posts. (We’d probably draw the line at putting it on your cake, though.)

It’s a social world and we’re all a part of it, so we might as well embrace it. And why not? It’ll help you and your new partner-for-life show off your picturesque day at the perfect wedding venue in Lansdale, PA, PineCrest Country Club!

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