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New Year’s Resolutions for Wedding Planning

The new year is always about experiencing new things. One of the newest experiences is married life. Planning for wedding season is in full swing as we enter a new year. Right now is the perfect time to take stock of your wedding planning to-do list.
Here are a few ideas to help you start your new year (and the journey to marriage) on the right foot—and to keep your mind at ease.


Start with the Guest List

It’s not the most glamorous of wedding planning activities, but creating your guest list is essential. Once you have a final number in mind, it’ll be easy to fill in the blanks, like the size of the venue you’ll need, the amount of food you’ll need to order, and how much leftover cash you’ll have for the honeymoon.

Create a Budget

Once you have a guest list in place, you’ll have a better idea of the amount of money you’ll need to cover the various expenses (venue, catering, gowns, flowers, etc.) To prevent you from overspending and incurring debt (which is not a good start for a new couple), establish an affordable budget – and stick to it! Creating a spreadsheet to track your expenses is a good way to stick to your budget throughout the planning process.

Practice the Art of Compromise

A successful marriage is one that is built on love – and mutual respect. One of the best ways to lay the foundation for a happy marriage is to practice the art of compromise. And the best place to start is during the wedding planning process. This special day is about two people – and not just one. Be sure to take each other’s opinions, likes, needs and feelings into consideration when planning the big event.

Ask for help

If you’re finding the whole wedding planning experience overwhelming, don’t try to do it all by yourselves. It’s ok to ask for help, especially when it comes to finding rental spaces, picking the perfect menu and other wedding day logistics.
If you need help with planning your special day, our party planners are happy to help you! At PineCrest Country Club, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your special event is a rousing success. Our expertly trained event supervisors and planners can help you find the perfect setting for your event, create customized menus and more.
To learn more about our available indoor and outdoor rental event spaces and our planning services, please contact us to speak with one of our event coordinators.