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Non-Traditional Wedding Dress Ideas

Bride wearing red sneakers under a white dress. These days, it’s become more and more culturally acceptable to “go against the grain” and skip the traditional wedding dress. Brides everywhere are embracing what speaks to them more than what is considered expected. If you’re looking into following your heart instead of tradition, rest assured that the Montgomery County wedding halls in the area will embrace your independent style. After all, it’s your day!

Here are a few ways you can be unique with your wedding dress.

1. Introducing color

This isn’t necessarily a new concept, as many brides over the years have chosen colored wedding dresses instead of the traditional stark white. If you’re hesitant about going a full shade, many brides lately have been using the ombre style for their dress so that it isn’t such a drastic deviation from tradition.

2. Go for the pants

Not all brides are necessarily feminine. Since your wedding day is a reflection of you and your taste, you’ll want to be sure that your outfit suits you and makes you comfortable. If you prefer pants, wear pants on your wedding day! Montgomery County wedding halls are accepting of all interests and styles, so don’t be afraid to be yourself on your big day.

3. Now featuring: embroidery

We saw lace have its moment after the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, but it’s now time for intricate embroidery to have its time in the spotlight. If there’s a pattern that is of familial importance, this is time to incorporate it into your dress! Not only will your look be unique, but it will stand the test of time.

4. Bye-bye strapless

This look is another timeless one, but some brides-to-be are a bit tired of this look and are drawn towards styles that are more modern and to be honest, more comfortable. From crop tops and spaghetti straps to blouse tops and one-shoulders, there are endless options for how you want your top half to look. Instead of spending the whole ceremony pulling up your gown, you can instead dance the night away without worrying about the ensemble falling down.

5. For the bold: fringe

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking to introduce a trend into your wedding celebration – you never know what will happen to the trend in a few years. But if you’re bold and fearless and confident, consider fringe for your wedding dress. Not only is it in style right now, but it’s comfortable and flattering for any figure. Your team at any of the many Montgomery County wedding halls will make sure you’ve got everything you need to feel comfortable and your best for your big day.

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