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Tips for a Cool Summer Wedding

Posted on June 7, 2018

Table at wedding with drink dispensers and flower

The only thing more popular in the summer than baseball is the beloved summer wedding. Finding the perfect wedding location near Lansdale, PA, for your summer affair can make the big day. It’s easy to understand why this season is the envy of all other wedding dates – the warm air, blue skies, sunshine that doesn’t set until late in the evening. It’s the perfect combination for your perfect day.

One thing all of those wedding magazines and perfect photos don’t show you is that getting married in June, July, or August likely means a very warm wedding day. Don’t sweat it, though. With some forethought and planning, you and your guests can stay cool and celebrate big at your wedding location near Lansdale, PA – from the walk down the aisle to the last dance.

Plan for the Worst, Expect the Best

Assume that weather on your big day will be the most humid, hottest day of the year. This is not to add stress to an already long list of wedding planning anxiety. It actually will alleviate real problems should heat-related weather occur. Check to see what the weather is like for your desired destination. A wedding location near Lansdale, PA likely means some heat and humidity. Proper planning will ensure that you, your bridal party, and your guests are focused on what matters (ahem…you in your gorgeous gown) and not suffering from heat stroke.

Cold and Refreshing

Having beverages at the ready is key to the success of any warm weather wedding. Cold water is a must. Depending on the atmosphere of your wedding, it can be as simple as water bottles in decorative coolers. If your affair is more formal, think more along the lines of a refreshing spa water bar for your guests to choose from before finding their seats. Cucumber strawberry water perhaps, or maybe a mint lemon infused water will do just fine over ice. And, please make sure alcohol is not the only option of beverage! You don’t want all of your hot and thirsty guests tipsy before the bride makes her grand entrance.

Ice, Ice Baby

Here’s a great tip that can’t be underestimated when it comes to keeping the bride cool in all her splendor. Have a couple of zip locked bags of ice handy and pass them on to the bride to hold occasionally during hair and make-up. Put a bridesmaid, or wedding planner, in charge of “icing the bride.” Your internal temperature will stay cool even on the hottest of days. Even a quick dab of the ice on your inner wrist will do the trick. Just make sure to have a towel handy to put under the iced hands to avoid drips on any silk, satin, or lace. This trick also works great for the groom!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Although we can hope that your wedding location near Lansdale, PA will be perfectly cool on your summer wedding day, it may very well be too hot for your guests to be comfortable – especially if you’re going for an outdoor ceremony. Setting up a few cooling stations around your outdoor event will bring just the relief needed for that extra warm celebration. Perhaps you have a few tented lounges with air conditioning inside or even some appropriately placed water misters around the venue. Flowing fabric draped just so can create a beautiful scene and provide much needed shade.

Favors put the “fun” in function

Sunglasses, personalized misters, paddle fans, and travel sized sunscreen are all wonderful party favors that can make the heat more bearable and fun. You can even print your program on the paddle fan and get more bang for your buck! Also, super handy to have are hair ties for the ladies who decide they want to make their long hair an up-do. These extra touches will show your guests just how much you had them in mind while keeping them comfortable and cool.

Makeup and Hair

Keep it simple and as low maintenance as possible for your summer wedding look. Opt for the up-do to keep it cool and apply powered-based make-up instead of liquid. Present your bridal party with disposable blotting sheets that they can use to combat the “glow” of sweat. A decorative handkerchief can also be used for this purpose, and they can wrap it around the stems of their bouquet to have it at the ready during the ceremony. Finally, take the time to do a touch-up before you head into the reception.

Following some simple steps will ensure that regardless of the weather, your wedding will be beautiful, and comfortable for everyone there. So, don’t sweat the small stuff as you get ready to say, “I do!”