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Tips for Introverts on Your Wedding Day

Posted on May 8, 2018

Bride holding purple flower bouquet

Your wedding will be the most romantic day of your life, so you’ll want to make sure that everything is just right for you, your spouse-to-be, and your guests. But if you’re an introvert, you might find yourself anxious at the thought of being the center of attention and being overstimulated. PineCrest Country Club, your wedding venue in Montgomery County, PA, will work with you to ensure that your ceremony caters to your needs and also allows you alone time should you need it.

1. Keep the ceremony small

Being strict with the guest list will ensure that your ceremony will not only be intimate, but it will also make sure that your crowd anxiety doesn’t distract you from enjoying your wedding day. Limit your list to only close friends and family but don’t let your guest list limit the size of your venue.

2. Create an alternative phone list

From out-of-town relatives needing help for directions to friends asking for the right time to arrive, you’re going to be pulled in all directions. To avoid this stress inducer, create and distribute an alternative “who-to-call” list to deflect the possibility of being overwhelmed and inundated with phone calls and texts.

3. Do the first look before the ceremony

There’s always tremendous pressure leading up to the walk down the aisle, which won’t help if you’re an introvert. Talk to your wedding venue in Montgomery County, PA, about arranging a private room for a “first look.” Not only will this make this special moment more private and intimate, but your aisle walk will be a breeze.

4. Skip the speeches

Most brides hold their breath before the speeches start in anticipation of a drunken truth-spill or a TMI tale. To avoid this anticipated anxiety, skip the speeches altogether and instead create a “suggestion box” of sorts that allows ALL your guests to share their best wishes for a happy marriage.

5. Find a secret spot for you and your new spouse

With all the guests, you’ll realize your wedding day won’t allow you much one-on-one time with your brand-new spouse unless you make time for it. Talk to your wedding venue in Montgomery County, PA, about securing a private and secluded space after the “I Do’s” for some alone time before heading back out with your friends and family.

Your big day is about you and how you want to spend it. Enjoy!