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How to Plan a Trendy 2018 Wedding

Posted on December 29, 2017

rustic themed wedding It’s no secret that wedding planning can be stressful and agonizing when it comes to making decisions on food, décor, personalization, and more. Perhaps there’s just too many options, the budget makes it restrictive, or you’re not sure who you should invite. No matter what the reasoning is, it’s always helpful to keep an eye on the current trends for inspiration and guidance. If you’re in the midst of planning a 2018 soirée at a wedding venue in Lansdale, PA, and want some ideas to make sure your wedding is trendy AND classy, we’ve rounded up a few tidbits from the pros.

1. What’s old is now new again

For a minute, it was popular to be casual and understated, but according to our sources, there’s an uptick in the desire to be more formal: think traditional tuxedos, long gowns, and more of a romantic style. Also coming back? Silver and chrome. Gold will of course always be a staple, but think about lining up for this hot metallic for your 2018 wedding.

2. Experience is key

It’s also no secret that these days, couples want their guests to remember their wedding from how much fun they had. Photo booths are still very popular, but the photo backdrop is increasing in demand—as is the unique prop station since it almost seems like they’re all “been there done that.” Interactive games and dances are also increasing in popularity, so start brainstorming about what you think your guests might appreciate the most.

3. Happy tummies, happy guests

It might be easy to have your guests pick “chicken or the steak” for their dinner, but consider having an interactive table. Many couples are choosing to have a raw bar, a mashed potato topping section, or even a roll-your-own-sushi opportunity! Cake (and even cupcakes) aren’t going anywhere when it comes to desserts, but growing in popularity are build-your-own stations: donuts, ice cream sundaes, and even churros!

4. Bye, bye barn!

Hello, woods! If you’re anything like us, we’re a bit tired of the barn and mason jar theme. Enter the woodsy look: burlap, wooden details, greenery and vines everywhere! It’s romantic, fairly easy to manage, and very on trend! And, PineCrest Country Club, a top wedding venue in Lansdale, offers outdoor or indoor areas for your celebration. The options are limitless!