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Unique Décor Ideas for Bucks County PA Wedding Halls

Posted on December 16, 2016

party favor ideas with mini pies, cookies, coasters

Making your wedding stand out from the crowd can be as simple as paying close attention to the details. Bucks County, PA, wedding halls are full of run-of-the-mill celebrations, but yours doesn’t have to be so average. By putting a little extra creativity and effort into things like favors, décor, and the overall experience, you can be sure your guests will remember your wedding forever.


When it comes to weddings, things can get repetitive. Involving and acknowledging your guests in several aspects of the celebration is a surefire way to have a memorable wedding. Try offering a DIY flower station – guests can make their own boutonnieres and corsages. Not only will guests feel extra special, it’ll class up your entire wedding with the added decorative creations.

You’ve spent so much time meticulously planning where all your guests will sit during the reception. Do you have some odd combinations? Don’t fret. Make a display to use as a seating direction that tells guests how they know each other – or if they don’t, how they know you and your spouse! Call it a seating family tree of sorts.


Guests need more than food and booze at Bucks County, PA, wedding halls. If you really want your reception to stand out, throw in some interactivity. One wedding tradition is that when guests tap their glasses with silverware, the bride and groom are supposed to share a kiss. If that’s not your style, challenge your guests to a sing-off instead! As opposed to clinking glasses, ask them to have their table stand up and belt out a few lines of a song that contains the word “love.” As a reward, you and your sweetheart will share a kiss. Another option is to make bingo boards that have clues about selected guests on them. If all the clues are guessed correctly in bingo formation, that guest gets a prize!


Nothing is worse than yet another trinket that you can’t use or don’t want. Save your guests the clutter by offering a truly usable favor. Having a more natural wedding? Offer your wedding guests mini soaps wrapped in custom paper noting your names and wedding date. Is your affair as sweet as can be? Order small jars of honey and affix labels that express your gratitude. Guests will be able to use these items instead of stashing them away in a draw to never be seen again.

Of all the Bucks County, PA, wedding halls, ours is sure to serve your unique vision. We’re happy to help you plan a wedding that will never be forgotten down to the tiniest detail. Let us plan it, while you relax and celebrate!