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Unique Ways to Use Initials at Lansdale Wedding Venues

Posted on June 14, 2017

bride and groom holding large wooden initials

The flowers have been chosen and the theme is set. Now, make sure you put a signature stamp on the whole celebration. Incorporating initials into wedding decor is a fun and easy way to add subtle personalization to your special day at Lansdale wedding venues. A more modern twist on the classic use of a newlywed pair’s monogram, initials can be integrated in many unique and creative ways from ceremony to reception.

Whether you decide to make them from flowers, wood or lights, or use them on chairs, cocktail napkins or grand entrances, one of the best parts of using initials in your wedding is that they are incredibly versatile and work for every couple.

The easiest way to use initials is to hang them in the main zones throughout the venue. This can be accomplished with giant initial balloons, signs, marquee letters, floral displays and centerpieces.

An even more subtle design to your decor is the photo-worthy accent pieces that are included throughout your wedding day at Lansdale wedding venues. Specialty bouquet ribbons, niche signs, and table place settings are all delicate options to detail every aspect of your venue and guest experience.

Another growing trend is the incorporation of initials in desserts and, often, the wedding cake. Food initials can range from the understated to the grandiose, allowing for sweet creativity that makes a lasting impression.

However you decide to initial your event, Lansdale wedding venues will be the perfect backdrop to your dream wedding experience.