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Bucks County PA Wedding Locations for a Watercolor Wonder

Posted on April 14, 2017

watercolor wedding decor

One of the most beautiful and unique trends in weddings this year is watercolor. But which of the Bucks County, PA, wedding locations is perfect for your watercolor wedding wonder? Watercolors evoke a sense of whimsy and softness that your venue should support. Here are some tips on selecting a venue and ideas for your watercolor wedding.


When you’re evaluating wedding locations, consider whether you’ll be hosting an outdoor or indoor event. When you’re going with a watercolor theme, having an outdoor wedding is perfect. You’ll want to make sure the venue you choose offers an outdoor location and that it’s well-manicured yet lush. Having a backdrop of beautifully bloomed trees and perfect green grass will highlight the watercolor elements you choose for your wedding. Not only will the outdoor space provide a wonderful backdrop for décor, it’ll put your guests in a natural and soft environment to complete the vision.


A wonderful way to weave your watercolor theme from into the ceremony is to create a unique piece of fabric for a wedding arch or arbor. By using a long cut of white fabric and some dye, you can make a one-of-a-kind watercolor piece to drape over an existing arch or similar structure to be the focal point of the ceremony. If you’re looking for a more florally focused way to pull in the watercolor theme, create your own paper watercolor flowers to decorate an arbor for the ceremony. Instead of using solid-colored craft paper, make your own watercolor masterpieces to create the flowers


When it comes to a watercolor theme at Bucks County, PA, wedding locations, you’ll want to keep your colors muted. That doesn’t mean they have to be dull or strictly pastels – you can play with color a bit! Select the palette you want to use and build your watercolor décor around it. Watercolor in the strict sense of the word won’t necessarily be used for everything, but selecting linens and flower arrangements around your watercolor palette is key. If you have dramatic watercolor décor, let the supporting elements like linens take a backseat.

Your watercolor wedding is sure to be spectacular. Feel free to let your imagination run wild when it comes to incorporating your theme throughout your special day. From invites to décor to attire – your unique vision has no limits!