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Get Hitched Without a Hitch:
3 Tips to Make Your Lansdale Wedding Day a Success

Posted on February 12, 2016

bride and groom kissing on golf course

Lansdale, Pennsylvania is a beautiful place to have the wedding of your dreams. Here are a few ways you can make sure your wedding day goes according to plan in our picturesque suburb.


The weather can have a big effect on your wedding day, so make sure you look at a farmer’s almanac to get a good idea of what month will give you the weather you want to backdrop your event. Also make sure that you plan for the weather to not cooperate. If you want an outdoor wedding, ensure you choose a venue, like PineCrest Country Club, that has indoor and outdoor options just in case the clouds roll in.


Make sure your guests choose and book their Lansdale hotel as soon as possible to help guarantee that everyone has the room and number of beds they want. Also inform the hotel ahead of time of any special requests, allergies, or needs such as a first floor room. Lansdale has many beautiful hotels to choose from, so plan ahead to get the one that makes you happy!


Pick a venue with beautifully manicured grounds, meticulously decorated and cleaned facilities, and with professional catering staff on hand. What venue has all that? PineCrest Country Club in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, of course. PineCrest has everything from adequate parking for your guests, an onsite honeymoon suite, multiple choices for your ceremony and reception- indoors and outdoors- and everything you need to help you get hitched without a hitch!