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What’s a Party Without Games?

Posted on July 24, 2017

friends in the dark with birthday cake and birthday hats

The candles have been blown out, the cake has been cut, and the presents are lingering somewhere on a table, but there’s still something that you’re missing. As a kid, no birthday party was complete without at least one game played with energetic enthusiasm. But why does that tradition have to end at childhood?

Growing up doesn’t have to be boring. It’s easy finding a way to incorporate fun games for all ages into events at Montgomery County, PA, birthday party places.

The Birthday Hot Seat

Find out which of your party guests knows the most about you when they’re put under the spotlight and grilled by the guest of honor. Fast-paced and fun, this game can get the perfect amount of energy especially when the questions are amusing.

  • Once everyone is gathered and settled, place the first “contestant” in a chair – the Birthday Hot Seat – in front of the crowd.
  • The birthday celebrant should have a prepared list of about 100 things to ask, as they now have 30 seconds to fire as many questions about themselves at the player in the hot seat, who must answer as many of those questions correctly as he or she can.
  • After all the contestants have had their 30-second turn, the scorekeeper will determine a winner

Clothes Pegs

For this game, you will need five or more players, each wearing five clothes pegs or pins around their necks. This can be on shirt collars or attached to necklaces. Catch someone off-guard when playing this game during the celebration at your birthday party venue in Montgomery County, PA. Just don’t get tongue-tied yourself!

  • The birthday guest or the host will determine a group of five words to ban for the duration of the game. (For example, “happy,” “birthday,” “cake,” “candles,” and “presents”)
  • Once the game has begun, the players must catch one another saying one of the banned words. (So, if you hear the person next to you say, “My birthday is in June,” you can ask for one of their pegs. Make sure you catch it before the person next to you does!)
  • Players who lose all of their pegs may use the words again and can rejoin the game by catching (or tricking) an active player into saying the words.
  • The player with the most pegs wins the game.

Musical Hula Hoops

Looking for something a bit more on the active side? Give this update on musical chairs a try. For this, you’ll need lively music and average-sized hula hoops all around the floor.

  • Keep everyone dancing – really dancing – for as long as the music stays on.
  • As soon as it stops, players must grab the nearest hoop and start to hula.
  • Anyone not in a hula hoop must do three push-ups to remain in the game for the next round.
  • Start the music again.
  • (To change up the rules, you can make the participants with and/or without a hula hoop strike poses or make weird movements during the no-music portion.

Don’t be afraid to tap into your Peter Pan with silly party games during your next event. Montgomery County, PA, birthday party places are the perfect venues to live like a kid again no matter what age you’re celebrating!