A stack of vintage dishes and cutlery.

15 Sep: Must Haves for Your Bridal Registry

Your bridal shower, though it's a party thrown in your honor, can create a bit of anxiety. Your attendants are doing a wonderful job planning your bridal shower luncheon near Bucks County, PA, and you're sure you'll have an incredible time, but it's up to you to essentially tell the guests what to buy. For some brides, that can be an awkward and overwhelming task. After all, how are you supposed to know what you'll need?
plate of custom scented soaps wrapped for party favors

16 Jan: Party Favors Your Guests Will Keep

After a spectacularly wonderful time at a close friend’s party — a formal occasion, not just a random get together — a good host or hostess will leave some sort of trinket for you and other guests to take home as a memento. But let’s be honest, most times we find ourselves in a bit of quandary: The memento, sweet as the notion may be, is not usually something we need or particularly want to keep. But to just toss it is a bit … insensitive. So we hold onto these tchotchkes just in case.
Bridal Party flowers in bright oranges

15 Nov: Fun and Fresh Bridal Party Gift Ideas

Wedding planning requires tons of creativity, and if you’re looking for ways to make your special day unique and memorable at one of the many wedding locations near Bucks County, PA, consider these incredibly innovative and creative gifts for your bridal party. Not only will your extra thoughtful efforts be appreciated, but you’ll feel great knowing that your notions came from the heart.

31 May: A Make-Your-Own Arrangement Bridal Shower

The best part of enlisting a service like this is that it’s practical and your guests will be able to walk away from the gathering with a new skill. These days, between Pinterest and the accessibility of YouTube, DIY projects can often come across as easy, but we sometimes find ourselves fooled. With these services, you can be properly trained, knowing exactly how to arrange flowers for your next hosting occasion.
Bride to be and bride tribe at bachelorette party

26 Mar: Unique Games for Your Montco Bridal Shower Venue

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or the one planning a bridal shower, you might be wondering how to best bring all your gals together and make sure they’re entertained. Luckily, there are incredible ideas when it comes to games and activities at your MontCo bridal shower venue. From interactive games to knowledge-based fun, everyone will get involved in the festivities. Here are a few ways you can make sure your guests have a blast – and still celebrate the bride-to-be.